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The best option for hidden, retractable dog gates in any new construction home! Made in the U.S.A.

The Best in Retractable Dog Gate Technology

HIDEAGATE™ is the most durable and attractive home interior dog gate on the market and the only dog gate that you can easily hide in just 1, 2, 3…

  1. 1.SLEEK HIDEAGATE™ has a simple and effective design to create a sleek look in your home that you can easily hide away.
  2. 2.EASY HIDEAGATE™ is the easiest retractable dog gate on the market. Simply slide the gate into its hiding place within the door frame or wall and create a clear walkway.
  3. 3.EFFECTIVE HIDEAGATE™ allows for the simple and clear storage. It’s effective when it’s out and neatly tucked away the rest of the time!

Sturdy, Retractable, Attractive

Say goodbye to bulky, unreliable and unattractive dogs gates of the past. Introducing HIDEAGATE™, the sleek, stylish and dependable retractable dog gate of the future. Why hassle with awkward, removable gates when you can HIDEAGATE? HIDEAGATE stores inconspicuously inside the wall when not in use and easily folds out and latches into doorways. Its contemporary, cutting-edge design makes it an attractive addition to any home. HIDEAGATE can be used as a dog gate to keep every family member safe. It is ideal for homeowners with dogs or even for those who often entertain guests with pets. HIDEAGATE is the perfect addition to every home.

Learn More About HIDEAGATE

Learn more about the unique solution provided by HIDEAGATE. For new home development, plan to install this simple, sleek, and effective retractable pet or baby gate. Now shipping internationally!

“When we first saw HIDEAGATE, we had to have one in our new home. No more repairing or repainting walls that have been marred by flimsy, ugly traditional gates. The HIDEAGATE offers true containment with ease and class. Here’s the kicker, we don’t even have a dog yet! That’s an ongoing debate in our house but even if we never do get a pup, I’m confident that HIDEAGATE will be one of the things that adds to the wow factor of our home in resale.”

 Les and Heather Hurley