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Built-In Hidden, Retractable Dog Gate

According to recent statistics, as many as 44 percent of all households in America have a dog. That number has grown nearly 8 percent in less than five years.

As more and more homeowners become pet owners, the need for better interior doggie gate options continues to grow. But homeowners have struggled to find a simple way to keep pets safe and separated from certain areas of the home.

HIDEAGATE offers the perfect solution: a hidden, retractable dog gate that serves its purpose when you need it and easily tucks away into the wall when you don’t.

As a custom homebuilder (and pet owner) myself, I set out to invent the HIDEAGATE to allow fellow custom homebuilders and architects to offer this state-of-the-art solution to luxury or new-build clients. And trust me — they’ll love you for it.

  • HIDEAGATE is made with 14-gauge steel tubing and is powder coated.
  • HIDEAGATE can be installed alone or in conjunction with a pocket door or a swinging door during the framing process.
  • We offer four sizes: 32” and 36” that both fit in a 2’x4″ thick wall, and 42” and 48” gates that fit into a 2’x6″ thick wall. 2’x6″ installation video
  • HIDEAGATE includes a universal bracket to fit left-hand or right-hand install application.
  • Both the 32” and 36” gates come in a prebuilt frame that is 30” deep. The 42″ and 48” HIDEAGATE mounts to your framing and also needs 30” of space behind the stud it’s attached to.
  • For any larger spaces, you can get two gates and have them come from opposing walls.
Today’s homebuyers seek homes tailored for their lifestyle. HIDEAGATE is an attractive, hidden dog gate that homebuyers will value for years to come.

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Learn more about the unique solution provided by HIDEAGATE. For new home development, plan to install this simple, sleek, and effective retractable pet or baby gate. Now shipping internationally!

“As a custom homebuilder, I am always looking to provide my clients with the latest innovations. I was able to recommend this product to a client and they loved the idea and finished product. The guys at HIDEAGATE were quick to answer my questions and follow up with any assistance that I needed once the product arrived. You can tell these guys care about their customers and the finished product. I highly recommend the HIDEAGATE!”

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Germantown, TN