HIDEAGATE Installation | Hidden, Retractable Dog Gate



How to Install our Hidden Dog Gate in the Wall

HIDEAGATE is the ideal hidden, retractable dog gate solution for households with beloved pets. If your custom home is in development, consider installing the HIDEAGATE to establish and easy lifetime interior gate solution. 

HIDEAGATE needs to be installed in homes during the building process. Builders and architects often work HIDEAGATE into their plans to make the home more appealing to buyers. If you are working with a custom homebuilder on your home, you can plan to implement this hidden dog gate ahead of time!

Check out our HIDEAGATE installation instructions:

2×6 Installation

*The video below shows HIDEAGATE installation for 2×6 in a 32″ opening. We no longer sell this size, but the process is the same for the size we currently carry.

2×4 Installation

HIDEAGATE installation of 2x4 gate
HIDEAGATE installation of 2x4 gate

Learn More About HIDEAGATE

Learn more about the unique solution provided by HIDEAGATE. For new home development, plan to install this simple, sleek, and effective retractable pet or baby gate. Now shipping internationally!

“I have been designing custom homes for over 20 years – HIDEAGATE is by far the most ingenious product that I have come across.  I have placed HIDEAGATE in numerous locations in my designs. HIDEAGATE is easily accessible for quick use to contain pets while still allowing a sightline.  Pets are still part of the fun without being underfoot.  It is a clean, simple design that is architecturally pleasing when in and out of use. I can’t design a dog room or mud room now without one!”

Shannon L. Pearcey, RA, AIA, LEED AP